Water Soluble 20-20-20

Water Soluble 20-20-20 is 100% water soluble, free-flowing, all-purpose fertilizer used in foliar, drip and drench applications. It is used for fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, cereals, nurseries, greenhouse crops, etc. It is ideal for all crops and provides balanced nutrition for optimum crop production. BioFert’s water soluble products are manufactured with horticulture grade high-quality ingredients using state-of-the-art technology. It can be used in backpack sprayers as well as drip irrigation systems. It is mostly compatible with common plant protection chemicals and micronutrients.

* Provides nutrients in readily available form to plants.
* As a foliar application, it quickly alleviates crop stress.
* Unique formulation allows quick absorption through foliage.
* Low salt index, free of sulphates and chlorides.
* 100% solubility with no residues.
* Free flowing with no lumps.
* Contains high-grade chelated micronutrients.
* UV protected packaging for maximum benefit.