Liquid Fertilizer 8-8-6

Liquid Fertilizer 8-8-6 is an organic based specialized foliar fertilizer formulated to meet various nutritional requirements of wide range of crops at vegetative & reproductive stages. In addition to nutrients, it contains a wide range of organic stimulants. Foliar use of product enhances crop production by increasing vegetative & reproductive growth.

* Enhances nutrient uptake, utilization & re-distribution of nutrients within plants.
* Increases leaf area, cell size and photosynthetic activity
* Helps increase chlorophyll formation in plants.
* Increases fruit weight, quality and overall crop yields.
* Ensures maximum availability of vital nutrients at critical growth stages.
* Reduces premature shedding of flowers & fruits.
* Enhances plant resistance to insects & diseases.
* Improves water absorption, drought & stress (chemical & environmental) tolerance.